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Values. Culture. Period. is a highly needed contribution to the genre of management fiction, which addresses organizational challenges and solutions using real world situations. VCP, follows the journey of two top-level executives, Guy and Kathleen, who seek ways to revolutionize the work culture of their companies in separate industries. The book tackles issues surrounding corporate culture, identifying workable organizational values, employee satisfaction, and finding an effective solution to driving employee engagement. It is a must-read for executive leaders of large, medium, and small-sized corporations, directors and managers, human resource business partners, and even frontline employees who wish to educate themselves on how to improve their workplace culture.

Values create friendships and movements, but they also interfere with understanding and minimize growth. In Values.Culture.Period. the focus is on two critical perspectives:

  1. The challenges that come with sidestepping a value conversation in organizations.
  2. The opportunities that arise when organizations truly embody core values and the impact they have on a desired organizational culture.

Values.Culture.Period. is packed with lessons for all types of change – culture, leadership, team – that leaders at all levels of an organization can immediately apply the book’s wisdom into impactful leadership and employee engagement. This deep dive into culture, values and leadership will give you strategies for:

  • The Operationalizing Values Model
  • Using a Cultural Thermometer
  • Types of Values to Watch For & Be Wary of
  • Wisdom to Drive Leadership Development
  • Steps to Increase Employee Engagement

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Driving culture change requires leaders to be resourceful.  With that in mind, we have other tools for you, your team or organization to take their performance to the next. Whether you have read or are reading Values.Culture.Period right now, our keynotes, online learning and coaching will help you maximize your insights and actions from the book through our services below.

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What Readers Are Saying

Reality on paper… learning how to approach developing organizational culture in a practical way. Corey Atkinson has put together a great read that clearly breakdowns culture and a practice model to get it right.

VP HR Global

The authors’ storytelling approach in Values. Culture. Period. will energize leaders across all industries to do the important work of identifying their organizations’ values and then reap the rewards of an improved culture, employee engagement and productivity.

City Manager & Chief Administrative Officer

In this impressive debut, Atkinson & Owodunni weave two engaging stories of change, emotion and trust all building to the power intentional leadership. Like its very different protagonists – Guy and Katherine – Values.Culture.Period. brings value from beginning to end.

General Manager

VCP is a targeted and thoughtful approach to culture change. This book is a must read for any senior executive looking to lead change and ensure that it is sustainable. If you are change leader – this book is for you.


Upcoming Book

In Leveraging Leadership, the second book in the Values.Culture.Period. Series, Atkinson explores the critical challenges leaders are facing due to our shift in workplace values.

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