About Corey

Author. Speaker. Executive Coach. Leadership Consultant.

Corey Atkinson, CTDP & CAPS, is passionate about the essentials of business success – leadership, loyalty and learning – and is famous for bringing a “fabulous” attitude to everything he does.

A risk taker at heart, Corey is passionate and committed to the focal point of all organizations and individuals – growth. His commitment to delivering excellence with every client, has made him a highly requested leadership speaker and consultant, who works with organizations to create culture solutions that drive innovation and change.

Deeply interested in the dynamics that drive growth and change, he applies critical leadership practices, emotional intelligence, and motivational strategies with information technologies for organizational and individual impact. His years of working with organizations across all industries allows him to combine coaching insights with design thinking to develop solutions for: leadership growth, culture change, team-building, productivity, collaboration, and employee engagement.

Keynote Presentations

Successful events today need a speaker who will connect with the audience. A speaker who makes the audience feel drawn to the person on the podium and their message. A speaker who is not only knowledgeable in the areas of leadership, management and communication – but is excited to share his thoughts with everyone.

The VCP Keynote Presentations will give your audience, team or even the insights, energy and engagement you want to drive performance.

Values. Culture. Period.

How to make it work

The Secret to Inclusive Cultures

Going Beyond DEI

Performance Cultures

Getting Collaboration Right

Leadership is not about you!

Fostering Innovation, Building Resilience

Rings of Leadership

Leadership Practices & Pipelines​


Presentation Outlines

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