Values. Culture. Period.

Values.Culture.Period. is packed with value. Two different industries. Two different leadership styles. And two universal but distinct business challenges. This is a must read for leaders who want to learn how to lead culture change across many conversations and many emotions.

Written in a highly captivating style, and packed with proven insights and tactics, Values.Culture.Period, will teach you the key conversations, thoughtful strategies and needed habits that will transform your culture to one that gets results – for your people, your team and your organization.

What Readers Are Saying

Values. Culture. Period. stands as a beacon of insight and inspiration for leaders navigating the complex terrain of organizational dynamics. The authors’ adept storytelling not only demystifies the process of identifying core values but also illuminates the transformative impact of cultivating a resonant culture.                                   

– President

Reality on paper. Learning how to approach developing organizational culture in a practical way. Corey Atkinson has put together a great read that clearly breakdowns culture and a practice model to get it right.         

 VP HR Global

The authors’ storytelling approach in Values. Culture. Period. will energize leaders across all industries to do the important work of identifying their organizations’ values and then reap the rewards of an improved culture, employee engagement and productivity. 

City CAO

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